10.000 mails to catch up since Jan 4….

I noticed today:


OOPS! 15 x 646 = 9690 e-mails I missed from one of my mail nodes…(now I understand why my wife claimed I did not send her a jaaropgaaf, ever saw it) (and the dates from my friends for our poker evenings) (and the mails from my new energy supplier) Luckily they get archived on the server, so … I’m going through them.

I’m at page 168 …


It also made me think, If one mail node delivers me 10.000 mails in 2 months, then how many mails do I at all have to process each day? And this is private mail, not even the 2 mailboxes from my company and the client.

The reason I missed these 10.000 is simply… because the total load of private mails is so large that I did not even miss these ones…

Food for thought, unfortunately no time to thiink about this further, need-to-process-mails. I’m sorry if I did not answer one of your mails either they were in this bunch or they are in the hundreds I have placed in the folder “urgent / needs answer / work” (and which out of experience are there until the end of the year, when i go through them during christmas holidays).

Sign of the times: heroes of the truth

I’ve been thinking on what defines our times and what will be seen as “new” and “optimistic” as seen from the future.

Main Problem

The main problem of humanity is that we have not been able to merge the “things we know” with “the actions we take”. Which leads to most of the problems in most of the world. Basically most of humanity is full of proven false ideas that, combined, provide bizarre views on reality.

Our brain captures thousands of memes and the more that correlates with reality, the more we move to an improvement in line with reality. If the view in reality is distorted because of false memes it means we can go any direction but probably not the right one.


We are only 7 billion on a little planet, with countless dangerous things around us. So the sooner we get our act together, the sooner we can start competing with the countless other intelligent life forms out there. After all … the survival of the fittest principle is probably universal. We now know more stuff about matter, about our bodies, about math, about systems, so… let’s make that step. It will also prevent countless wars, bloodshed and suffering. Let’s also end the suffering while at it.

High Level Drawing v0.1

The drawing underneath is only a first sketch. I think… the groups on the right need some kind of leaders organizing them, since there are none. I think that is the first problem or stage.


Truth Organization

The overall keyword is “truth”. Overall people think they know the truth about reality but they are missing countless bits and pieces. Overall people are not-skeptical and once some ideas are frozen they are so convinced that they will kill for it. Then there are individuals and small efforts somewhere in the space of “truth” that are disorganized and probably don’t even see themselves being in that same space. they are outnumbered thousands to 1. So they need to be combined in to something new.


Like always I suspect we need tools to do this. So why not some central AI that prevents any untruths being spread (e.g. via a mobile app)? Because we don’t have one! So until the moment that AI rises… the Truth organization is a good first best step.


People on the left of the diagram of course since forever hate : skeptics, discussions, scientists, journalists and so on… but they do love: one leader, praying to that leader, violence, intimidation, complaining, hating, not asking questions and hating anything science, intelligent or stuff like unbiased journalism.

So let’s solve this main problem…. Why not????

To be continued.


Everything is based on copies. Weird isn’t it?

Every smallest time unit from the beginning of our universe until now, we have “reality on moment T2” which is based on “reality on moment T1”. While energy is a constant, it manifests itself by showing changes between time units. But it is gradual change not that on moment T1 we have “FDSFDSFDS” and moment T2 we have “%$#%$U”. All we know is that T2 will be something like “FDSFDSFDT”, so apparently the universe likes slow changes (or maybe universes that do not will not exist for long).

The moment the suns appeared there were only Helium and Hydrogen molecules. They burned on and produced many more advanced copies of simpler molecules, basically needed to form everything around you and yourself as well as “carbon life” much later.

Life itself is based on copies, within each cycle ,DNA is copied and slow changes appear generation after generation producing a large variety of “life” with millions of different possibilities.

When we invented writing, we were able to “mimic” this process. when thousands of years afterwards the Egyptians invented papyrus to write on, there was suddenly the possibility to create hundreds of copies of the same texts. And each new copy could be slightly different from the previous one.

When the Egyptians exported papyrus to Greece, about 300 years later we got something interesting: because we could copy knowledge over multiple generations because of the possibility of writing a sort of “abstraction layer” appeared : philosophy and later based on that thousands of different sub-philosophies and sciences bringing uncountable new inventions and ideas and understanding of reality (contrary to describing reality based on beliefs, magic, legends, gods, santa claus, hear-say or other untrue hocus pocus).

Later on we got the library of Alexandria, a copy again of the Greece invention of “knowledge centers” and which is “collection of copies” with the goal to produce even more copies, each new one containing improvements over the old one.

When the Romans retreated from Europe and papyrus became scarce we got a bookpress invention: making it possible to even make copies of reality copies much faster.

With the industrial revolution we could again make copies faster and obviously “things we know” increases and increases faster with every iteration.

With “computers” and notably the file system we invented how to store a group of constrained bits in a specific location in memory at a specific time but more importantly: not much later we could also copy that group of bytes to other locations. Making it possible to create near endless copies within a minimal amount of time.

With the Internet, where we connect a lot of computers together, these copies of reality copies have virtually no limit anymore. But of course our “virtual symbols” are only still an abstract copy of the real world version of things.

So the only thing happening from moment 0 to now, for all things imaginable, except gravity, is … copying. Reality copies from T1 to T2, life itself and humans copy from generation to generation, and “we” copy stuff from moment A to moment B. So why do we like to “share” on facebook? Because we are 100% copies ourselves. It’s in our deepest “thing” we are: copies that “mimic reality” by constant copying things, physically everything inside us is a copy, most processes are based on copy processes and we “think” in a copy way. Think of your daily or weekly or even yearly things you do: constant copying. The way you think and communicate : copy. We have sex and create new copies, we sow fields and from seeds we create new copies. We copy previous books, articles, web pages and copy them with slight improvements. We copy behaviour and about everything I can see around me is a copy. even the text I write here is just another permutation of 26 letters in random combinations: all possible books are already known and written: they are all in the set of possible combinations you can make by pasting random letters behind each other. No matter what inventions, brilliant new thoughts or knowledge: they are in the known set of combinations of letters you can make as well as all possible paintings, songs, words or anything imaginable: it’s already in the calculated set of probabilities. We’re just copying over things within that set of known combinations. Put a monkey behind a typewriter and you will have other random combinations and it will have no more value than the most brilliant book. No escape.

Like the combinations of letters to write a book that will always be in the “possible combinations to make with letters”… The interesting thing is … energy in our universe likewise remains constant. So we only transform energy from moment one to moment two. No telling if there is more to that but probably not unless you believe that “DFSFSDFDS” on moment 1 is worse then “DFSFSDFDR” on moment 2: it does not “matter”.

And even worse: with infinite copies of universes it basically all boils to down to “0” “1” “0” to make a management summary of “everything that ever happened and will happen in our universe”: it was a copy of energy from one place to the other, in the set of possibilities {0,1} and they all happened.

However, contrary to that large picture it makes a living human copy enjoy during his own conscious view on reality in his limited amount of time even look more awesome at reality around us every second. I wish I could stay around forever to see all those possible combinations of everything: you can know everything about the moon, even walked on there, but you will still look up in the evening and have look at it and say “beautiful moon tonight” and probably it becomes more beautiful the more you know about it.